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Code with the flow.

Helping developers thrive and
find joy through more time in the
flow state.

We understand the importance of uninterrupted focus when it comes to coding.
why we're excited to introduce FlowInsight, a
console extension to your IDE
that will help you focus, avoid being interrupted, and get the momentum going. 

With FlowInsight’s
unique ability to provide
empirical data on the friction you experience, you’ll have the power to make data-driven decisions to reduce that friction 
and further optimize your flow.

Why FlowInsight?

A unique productivity toolset designed for developers by developers 

Stay in Flow

Improve your ability to stay focused during the day, and visually see the impact on your momentum

Troubleshoot Faster

Troubleshooting sessions help you think through problems faster, and find team members familiar with the code area to help

Empower Your Decisions

What is actually slowing you down?  Start making improvements based on empirical data and systematically reduce friction


Learn with Flow Metrics


Overall momentum is an indicator of a healthy codebase and a knowledgeable team.  Drops in momentum are an indicator of difficulties.


Areas of code with a high amount of confusion indicate an opportunity for refactoring and simplification.


Expanding our knowledge of more areas of code reduces the likelihood of mistakes and confusion, and increases momentum.

Pain Types

Reoccurring patterns of difficulty indicate the need for a strategic shift in the approach to development, software libraries or architecture.


Programming Flow

One of the core challenges in the software industry is the huge communication breakdown between the management world and the engineering world.  Problems build up on our software projects, but there's always too many features to build, and not enough time.  We try to explain what's happening to make the case for improvement, but the problems are invisible, hard to measure, and hard to explain.

FlowInsight gives you a way to measure your experience with the code, and identify the causes of friction with empirical data, so you can turn insights into effective strategies for improvement.  With new models and techniques to measure "friction" and "flow", you can get on the same page with your manager about the key factors that matter, and turn your everyday programming flow into a happy productive experience.

Are you ready to get the momentum going?

We're currently looking for software developers and teams interested in beta testing FlowInsight, and collaborating on a research effort for how to help developers thrive.  We'll be fine-tuning the dev tools right along with you!

If you're ready to try out this new and innovative approach to optimizing your flow, then sign up for our beta.

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