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Exponentially reduce troubleshooting time

and enable programming flow

What would be the impact if your software team could
exponentially reduce troubleshooting time?



Problems to Solve

1. Invisible work of software development is full of friction,

but we can’t see to know what to improve

2. Developers have to maintain focus in order to be productive,

and have limited, poor tools to support the cognitive process

3. Team members need to share detailed context in order to collaborate, which has become increasingly difficult when working remote


Learn with Flow Metrics


Overall momentum is an indicator of a healthy codebase and a knowledgeable team.  Drops in momentum are an indicator of difficulties.


Areas of code with a high amount of confusion indicate an opportunity for refactoring and simplification.


Expanding our knowledge of more areas of code reduces the likelihood of mistakes and confusion, and increases momentum.

Pain Types

Reoccurring patterns of difficulty indicate the need for a strategic shift in the approach to development, software libraries or architecture.


Programming Flow

One of the core challenges in the software industry is the huge communication breakdown between the management world and the engineering world.  Problems build up on our software projects, but there's always too many features to build, and not enough time.  We try to explain what's happening, but the problems are invisible, hard to measure, and hard to explain.  We feel the friction, and know the pain is real, but lack a vocabulary and a way to measure what's wrong.

Programming flow isn't the code.  Programming flow is your experience as you interact with the code.  Momentum builds over time as you focus, and turn ideas and strategies into code.  If you run a test and don't understand the behavior of the software, and you have to switch gears to troubleshooting -- this is the friction we want to resolve as fast as possible.

What if you had the ability to visualize your experiences, and could learn how to optimize programming flow?

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Software Team?

We're currently looking for software teams interested in beta testing FlowInsight, and collaborating on a research effort for how to best optimize programming flow.  We'll be fine-tuning the dev tools right along with your team!

If your team is ready to try out this new and innovative approach to exponentially reducing troubleshooting time, please reach out!

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